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The Story of Horseracing Wrongs

Far from being a sport, horseracing is, at its core, a simple vehicle for gambling. Romantic and self-serving rhetoric aside, racehorses are abused creatures: rushed to the track before their skeletal systems have matured; drugged, legally or not; raced on physically compromised bodies; whipped for motivation; “retired” and neglected on some mismanaged or overtaxed farm; or worse, sent to auction, mere numbers now, the whimsical names a bitter lifetime ago. From there, the horror escalates: Shipped hundreds or thousands of miles on trucks designed for cattle and with basic needs barely being met, their final destination is a merciless concrete building where they will be yelled at, pushed, prodded…and then, shot (multiple times, perhaps, because the terrified horses instinctively wish to flee), shackled, hoisted upside down, slashed (sometimes while still conscious), exsanguinated, butchered, and sold for meat.

If exploiting another species, especially one whose intelligence and trustworthiness made for good human resources in the first place, for mere entertainment, placing and following a wager in this case, does not rise to the level of unethical, what does? To those who sustain this morally corrupt industry, we say in behalf of the equines, slake your gambling urges with decidedly inanimate slots and scratch-offs; let the horses be. They've suffered enough.- Patrick Battuello

Horseracing Wrongs Inc. is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Tax ID# 82-2581078. All donations go directly to fund our educational campaigns and support protests at racetracks across the country.


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